Darryl Brown

DarryljpgBorn and raised in New York and the middle child of ten siblings. Darryl began his education with an associate degree in Banking/ Insurance and Real Estate from Suffolk Community College followed by a bachelor degree in Business Management from New York School of Technology.                          

Darryl’s natural ability for project management and providing solutions and solving problems, landed him his 1st of many growth opportunities in the banking operation industry as an operation manager from 1979 till 1998. Darryl’s management and project management desire wanted more, naturally it was time to pursue a career in consulting.

This desire led Darryl into a rewarding career with the RWC Consulting Group as a Senior Consultant / Project Manager within several top financial institutions and  a software development company throughout the United States from 1998 till 2002, followed by a very rewarding consulting project manager assignment with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) from 2003 till 2014.

This assignment led into different Agency projects within USDA. This meant the opportunity to live and work with some great hard working people within USDA and throughout different cities in the United States.

In 2001 Darryl became a home owner in Miami Beach, Florida. After a lot of traveling, living in several cities and huge appreciation for South Florida weather and culture, Darryl decided to make Miami Beach, Florida his permanent home town.

Darryl’s extensive projects management experience was the perfect opportunity to open his own Project Management firm in Miami Beach, Florida and that is when ” First Look Solutions ” was founded.

Joseph West


Born in North Africa just a few miles from the Egyptian Nile, I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 seeking better education. After studying interior design at UCLA, I worked at an interior design firm where I learned what it takes to make a home look beautiful both inside and out. My great understanding of the design field, combined with my extensive knowledge of Los Angeles, made Real Estate the next logical move — and that journey began in 1992.

During my 23 career journey, I realized that being a successful negotiator was not enough to satisfy my appetite for life, so I began my soul searching process. This along with my service-minded approach for business, granted me a great deal of understanding and a belief that a good conscious along with respect for human dignity, is the perfect recipe for success. Above all I value human contact and always-developing close personal relationships.


In the spirit of “Change is the only thing that is constant,” in 2015 I decided to embark into the world of Miami Beach, Florida. Living close to the beach allows me to see the world from a different lens.

After 23 years of successfully hand holding my real estate client, it was the perfect time to pursue a career as a Consultant with emphasis on Real Estate. It is my intention to share and teach to my new community all the teaching I been so fortunate to learn.

Being a fire sign provides me with a lots of energy and in addition to my creative psyche I am poised to provide new outlook on productivity, efficiency and accountability. I love being of service and I look forward to do better today than yesterday.

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