40 Year Building Re Certification !

June 1, 2016
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A 40 year building re certification is a requirement for buildings  over 40 years old in Miami Dade County. Think of it as a face lift or a make over but for a building structures.13244712_580560392121949_4939829765619405684_n

It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain the 40 year re certification and every 10 years following . This process could be complex with different parties involved, most cases there are ; property owner, tenants , city officials and all sort of different vendors to satisfy the list of city of Miami building department. This requires planing , strategy and of-course a project manager.

First Look Solutions P M, is positioned to handle this type of complexity and took on its 1st 40 year building re certification challenge at 750 Collins, Miami Beach , Fl. 750 Collins is a:

  • 3 story building
  • one retail store
  • 20 residential tenant

This re certification will require :

  • New roof
  • New railing
  • New paint
  • New Concrete
  • Lobby terrazzo floor repair 

The success of the completion of this face lift will not be only be determined by the stamp stated “re certified”, but to the degree how smooth owner, tenants and vendors worked together during the process . This smooth operation will be a result of a well strategic project management. First Look Solutions offer an exceptional level of professional project management needs and services for Condominium Associations, Property Management companies that services residential, commercial and private properties.

Please share your thoughts below especially if you live in the Miami Beach area

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