Project Management, Miami Beach Voice Of Reason

June 1, 2016
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As a consultant I meet with small businesses often . To my surprise I discovered ” First Look Solutions PM “ a project management company in Miami Beach caters to condominium associations, property management companies that services residential, commercial and private properties.

Coming from the West Coast real estate market , this kind of business is as foreign as serving shark fin soup in a Beverly Hills restaurant.  In Miami Florida not only project management is common but very necessary and here is why :

  • Miami Beach  has a high percentage of foreign condo owners , they need a ” Project Manager “ to help them navigate through the ownership and maintaining process.
  • Miami Beach still in the  birthing stage , as it evolves so does the old way of doing business. Condo owners foreigners or local can’t keep up with the new normal. They need a ” Project Manager “ to help them navigate through the new requirements often home owners don’t know they exist.
  • Project Manager is the voice of reason between: condo owners , contractors and city officials

So what does a Project Management, Miami Beach voice of reason do exactly :

  • Identifying project scope and requirements;
  • Addressing the various needs, concerns and expectations in planning and executing any project;
  • Setting up, maintaining, and carrying out communications with clients in an active, effective and collaborative nature;
  • Managing clients toward meeting project requirements, budget and degree of customer satisfaction

As I consult with any new small business client , I learn a lot about the nature and essence of what they do. What is their core values and ” Why ” they do what they do. By “why” I do not mean being profitable, but rather why they get up in the morning and why should anyone care.

Depending on their answer , this can assist me on what steps to take on working together toward achieving the ultimate goal. The goal is always to do better today than yesterday. Please share your comments below especially if you live in the Miami Beach area.

Instagram : @Firstlooksolutions

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